Thursday, August 23, 2007

SDWS Paint Out - Spreckles Park, Coronado

Yesterday the San Diego Watercolor Society Paint Out was at Spreckles Park in Coronado . It's kind of a plain park with a beautiful old gazebo.

The best part was listening to these older ladies having a blast behind me. Four older women playing paddle ball, frisbee and tossing that velcro ball that sticks on a velcro paddle, laughing, and giggling as they tossed to each other.

Most of the artists painted the gazebo or trees but I painted a few houses on C Avenue and 6th Street. Here are some pics:

Spreckles Park, Coronado

The artists.

The artist's paintings. Mine is the double, second from the right.
Jim is an artist I admire. This is his piece in progress. He was painting the gazebo and library in the background.
A sketch of Jim painting.

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