Monday, April 24, 2006

EDM Challenge 62

Everyday Matters Challenge #62 is draw something you have drawn before but in a new medium. Maybe I misunderstood this one. I have never drawn my Easter flowers before but I gave gauche a try after admiring Roz's gauches. It was difficult. I don't know whether to dilute the paint like watercolor or work thick. mmmm. I also tried marker which was frustrating because I couldn't blend. Nice challenge.


Karen Winters said...

Lovely, Lydia.
As I understand gouache can be used thick or thinned with water. I've mostly thinned it because my paints aren't all that new and they've gotten extremely thick. I'm glad you took the challenge


Lin said...


Linda said...

Fun challenge -- I like both! The looseness of the marker drawing is very lively!

mw said...

you've been busy!

I like your little daily sketches from the days you work.

As for the guache, that's the beauty - transparent or get to choose.

Penny said...

I like both of these paintings/drawings very much! I've never tried guache -- you're tempting me! I like the marker drawing even though the individual marks are not "blended" -- it makes it uniquely "marker"!

Arty Velarde said...

thank you guys.

Robyn said...

I understand your difficulty with gouache. I tried for the first time just recently and found it quite unexpected, too.

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zees5 said...

Hi - very nice artwork. Can you please tell me what EDM is? Thank you, Page