Thursday, April 20, 2006

Acrylic Techniques

My friend invited me to a free clinic on acrylic techniques given by Jody Abssy.
We tried masking with tape, gel texture, block printing and glazing.
Here are my results:

This is a pretty basic technique of masking areas and painting over the masking tape. I made my edges jaggy to create the effect of hillsides. I also used the glazing technique in this exercise.

This was the exercise was done with a block used for batiking. I tried a block with little leaves and flowers then painted an underwater scene on it.

The gel technique was used to create texture. It can be mixed with cat litter, sawdust, beads. We just scraped the gel around the paper and when it dried, painted on it.

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Sculpt Me said...

its a pity that I cant reach out on the screen and stroke the canvases. beautiful!