Friday, April 17, 2009

Ft rosecrans cemetey

These are the last of the cemetery sketches and a few notes from a dvd I watched about being creative.  I think what they were saying is that it's not really about the money. (because most of the time there is NONE) It has to be about YOU. we create for ourselves or because we have to. As I say, "It's in my bones". 

A nice gentleman contacted me about the cemetery sketches he saw on the "urban sketchers" blog. He works for the VA in the communications division of the cemetery administration and wants to use my sketches in his newsletter. Of course I said yes!

If you haven't seen the blog you should check it out here> Urban sketchers.


Bonny said...

Hey! That's really nice about getting your art into a newsletter. It's one way getting your name out there.

Have a good weekend!

Arty Velarde said...

thanks bonny! have a good weekend too!