Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Plein air meet up in San Diego

Spanish Village in Balboa Park, San Diego was the meet up location organized by Rachel Kopel today. Stephen and Sally also attended. Drawing, talking about mail art, book binding and ending the morning with a walk through the Chinese brush painting exhibit made it a good morning.

 This is my sketch of some of the studios in spanish village.

Rachel, Stephen and Sally.

Stephen and Rachel were using books they bound themselves.



splynch said...

I love this. My only visit to Balboa was far too brief but I was very impressed by the magic of the place. Your picture captures the atmosphere beautifully.

Bonny said...

Yes Lydia, this bringsback lovely memories of when you took me there. I'll never forget it. We had so much fun!

All of you look like you had an awesome time together! And I love the cheerful and bright colours you chose for your sketch. :)