Friday, December 07, 2007

The 7 Gods of Happiness

When I visited my friend, Eileen in Arizona this summer, I was fascinated by her beautiful OLD set of "The Seven Gods of Happiness" that her dad gave her. They came in a beautiful wooden box and I liked everything about them. I sketched them and posted them on my blog here.

About a month ago she sent me this little gift and I became obsessed with them again.

I would like to do a paper mache of the only woman in the group.
She is the goddess of music, fine art, eloquence and literature. There are certain elements she is usually depicted with. These are: a mandolin, a jade, and a snake. These are my first sketches of what my goddess will look like.

These are my new sketches, showing the goddess with a paint brush, the mandolin at her side, wearing a robe (that resembles my own robe) a jade hanging from her neck and standing on the snake.

The graphic on the left is her back view.

The circle to the right is my pretend Japanese signature.

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