Monday, July 02, 2007

Arizona Adventure Number 2

I had the most wonderful visit with my friend in Arizona. These are a few sketches and pics from my trip. My friend practices Buddhism, eats VERY healthy and is a neat person to be around.

This is a beautiful salad Eileen made one night. She made her own dressing too!

Eileen's altar. A cool little corner of the room.
Sketches of little statues Eileen has from Japan. They are part of a VERY old boxed set of The Seven Gods of Happiness.

Eileen's dog Jewel and Eileen talking to her son who lives and teaches in Japan. (She really doesn't look like that)

Below are sketches when me and Eileen's daughter took her out for her birthday.


Linda T said...

I love the quality of line and wash you have. Your sketches convey warmth. Thanks for sharing.

Serena Lewis said...

I'm interested in Buddhism myself and I loved this post, Lydia! Wonderful drawings!