Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Sandwich and Malt Shop on Midland Road

This is a sandwich shop on Midland Road in Poway.
I don't know it's name but it has a Betty Boop
and an ice cream cone outside in the patio AND they have an "A".
The sandwiches are huge . . . and yummy.

Watercolor and Pencil
3.5 x 5.5 inches
One of these days I'll get my easel out again.
This was done in my car in a little sketchbook.


Bonny said...

This is really neat! I like the loose lines and colours. Looks like a fun place for lunch! What exactly are "A" sandwiches?

martha said...

Great little sketch! I grew up in San diego so I know what an "A" is!

Arty Velarde said...

Thank you Bonny and Martha! Bonny I think the "A" is from the Department of Health. The establishment was inspected and got a good grade. "A" Get it?

aPugsLife said...

Oh, I really like this. :)