Thursday, February 08, 2007

Balboa Park, San Diego

This fountain is in the back of a restaurant in Balboa Park.
I took two pieces for the juried show at The San Diego Art Institute
and picked up one that didn't get in last month.
Watercolor, 3 x 4.5 inches

I also picked up a piece that was in the
San Diego Watercolor Society show last month.
Viewing the art at these two galleries made me want to use gauche.
I'm sad that Anna Nicole Smith died.

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Bonny said...

This is really nice - it could be somewhere - anywhere in Italy. There are lots of fountains with lion's heads or other animl and people forms. This one reminds me of a lion head in Venice. The famous one where people would put their hands in it's mouth. Legend has it if you tell a lie while holding your hand in the lion's mouth, it will bite your hand off!

Actually, in real life, it was a place here people could tell the authorities about infractions of the law their neighbours did. The authorities would be secretly 'tipped off' and investigate. You can imagine how easily something like this would get out of hand, and probably did.

Greatpainting. I like your use of subtle colours.