Saturday, June 17, 2006

Self Portrait Marathon Part 3

I just woke up.

On June 13, Self Portrait #2 I did a computer drawing and stated I liked "real" drawing better. I traced a photo for my computer drawing and it's a personal thing for me. I didn't get the same feeling when I traced the photo. My guts weren't really in the process. I didn't feel like I was really drawing. I want to clarify that I believe that the computer is a valid tool for drawing, and it is just that, another tool such as a pencil, pen or brush.


Karen Winters said...

I like your drawing.
I think you'll have a different (and enjoyable) experience if you don't trace in the computer, but use it as a tool to draw with from the get-go, starting from a blank page. That's how I use it and I find it pretty satisfying in that way.

Jan said...

I love the freedom of this drawing, and it is that freedom that shows us what you really look like. I do work from photos and use my computer, but it is the drawing from life that I always enjoy the most, both in my own work and especially in the work of others.