Monday, June 12, 2006

Court House Sketches

The gardner,the security police,
in the jury waiting room,
the patio cafe.

When sketching in public places I usually sit with my back against a wall
so people can't peek from behind me.
Do you see the little picture on the left, in the box?
I was drawing the security police when this lady with a baby
walked right up to me, practically touching my sketchbook with her stomach,
SMACK DAB in front of me.
She started reading the bulletin board above my head.
I felt a little uncomfortable . . . . .well . . . .very.


Sioux said...

Great sketches...and I know what you mean about people getting in your space. I hate that!!

Augustine said...

Lovely lively sketches, so glad to find you via this SP marathon. See you later, I'll be back.

mw said...

Great place to sketch. It is uncomfy when someone is that close even if I'm NOT sketching!