Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Do you like pastrami?

Rancho Cucamunga

If you ever get to visit southern California you have to go to the HAT. It was one of our late night stops "back in the day." We only had one Hat back then, on the street corner of Garfield and Valley Blvd., in Alhambra. It was open at the time of night when nothing else was open and an attack of the Munchies came over us. It's a good memory and the beef dips, pastramis, and fries are just as good as ever.


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Karen Winters said...

We love the Hat in Pasadena - one of our favorite lunch places, although the sandwich is so big we usually share. Great onion rings, too.

I've drawn Hat customers several times - they're so busy chomping they don't really notice!