Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Unknown said...

Oh, how terrible! I know several family members who have been helped by using sea salt+baking soda+enough water to make a paste (+peppermint oil, if you want it to taste good) as toothpaste. Hippocrates even referred to sea salt as 'dental salt'. I use this myself everyday, but mostly because I don't like chemicals, etc. The few people that I've told about it have said the difference was almost immediate. I hate giving this kind of advice over the internet, it feels strange. But, you seem to be having so much trouble that I thought I'd share. BTW, dentists almost all laugh at the people I've shared this with and they all say there is no way that it is what helped. I guess that's my disclaimer! :D Good luck.

Lydia Velarde said...

thank you so much for the hot tip!
don't worry I read the disclaimer. I am going to try it!