Sunday, May 31, 2009

My thought for the day


Jules said...

Ho ho ho! I Wish!!!

Thank you for your daily dose of whimsy - I always enjoy it!

lyn said...

JUST FORGET THAT!!I exist in a maze of unfinished projects! (I suppose it has to do with taking care of 11 horses, I have to repair 4 flymasks today, Sadie, gave her 1/2 a haircut yesterday, 5 cats, 18 lbs. of cat food still in the car... bet they are hungry....7 acers, glad my knee is doing well enough to mow the dang foxtails, I'm going to try to bag 10 bags of burnable leaves and twigs b4 next garbage day! Have to organize and print tags for my jewelry to bring to Spanish Village Fri..... Happy my printer is working without black smears, I was able to print new business cards.... better get out and water b4 my 6 packs of tomatos dry up!)
Always enjoy visiting your busy blog! Drawing with us the 12th??