Friday, February 20, 2009

our bus

This is our 67 bus. I remember when I bought it. I owned a big ole dodge van and a little Volkswagen beetle at the time.  Gary encouraged me to get this instead.  I would let him talk me into anything back then....even riding on a roller coaster once... BUT it was a neat van in it's day. 

It was pure white with orange curtains. Inside it had a refrigerator, seats that faced each other and a little table you could lift out from the side wall and prop up on one leg attached underneath it. The back area had a storage compartment and a little closet. There were also storage areas under the seats.

It's still fun to ride around in it once in a while but certainly not to be used as a primary source of transportation! It's Gary's bus now. 

Gary also had a vw bus at the time. His was a 65 white bus. We were twins.


Sandy said...

Wow, that brings back memories, but I had a red VW bug - my first car - Loved that little thing and I could fill it up for under $3 (yes I am old)

gabi campanario said...

nice sketch and story about your VW van!