Friday, March 28, 2008

Paper Mache Crow

This is the paper mache crow I refer to in my blog entry
sketchbook journal entry 032108
I haven't decided where to put the other eye yet. He is going to have a red and white checkered shirt and he will be wearing overalls. You can barely see them in this picture. I still want to paint the stitching on the overalls to show the waist area and the pockets.

This is the crow before I painted him. He was made from a Tasters choice coffee container and newspaper covered with plaster cloth. I also covered him with paper mache strips before I painted him. I will probably do another one but smoother and better legs.


Alan said...

Did the crow just say..

phone cawwww?

Anonymous said...

That's cool! I've recently become addicted to papier mache, too -- how wild! It is so much fun! Cool paintings, too.

Jennifer Lawson said...

Very cool. What fun a fun thing to do! I wish my neighbors were "papier machers".