Sunday, April 01, 2007

Bocce Ball vs Lawn Bowls

Bocce ball and lawn bowls are quite similar but I also noted a lot of differences when I attended a bocce ball tournament today. I went to draw and take reference photos but came home with just a few sketches. I don't know much about either game but here are a few differences I noted from my OBSERVATIONS today.

1. Lawn Bowlers wear their whites during tournaments, bocce people don't
2. It's usually kind of quite at a lawn bowls tournament. I find it relaxing. The Bocce tournament I went to was not very quiet.
3. Lawn Bowls is played with a white "jack". This Bocce tournament had a tennis ball at every game. I think it was meant to serve the same purpose as the jack.
4. The majority of the lawn bowlers I have seen are "seniors", very cute, respectable looking citizens. Bocce players were all ages with the majority looking 30-early 50s.
5. The bocce tournament had great music, I have never heard music during lawn bowling tournaments.
6. Lawn bowls games use a lot more balls. This bocce used about 3 or four for each team. I think.

Well that's from an observer not a player.

From the tournament.
On the right are high school kids playing the electric drums.
The music was very enjoyable. I was the only one that clapped though.

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