Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Speedball Waterproof Ink

While at Michael's Arts and Crafts I just happened to notice that Speedball has a Pigment Acrylic Ink. It's Acid Free, Archival, Waterproof AND Permanent!

The little jar of ink came with a small crow quill pen for about 4 bucks. It's been about 80 years since I have used a crow quill pen. Probably before the rollerball was invented. . . so I thought I would give it another try.

Sitting in the parking lot I put the ink to the test. It took a while getting used to the pen, getting reacquainted with the forward motion only. It's not my style any more but I will probably use my investment on a piece soon.

As for the test . . . It worked great. The ink didn't run, even with a very watery brush filled with watercolor.

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Linda said...

Okay -- I give up! I want to comment on all of your recent stuff, which would probably drive you nuts! The landscapes are amazing -- each and every one of them. Way to go!