Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's not polite to stare.

The North County Society of Fine Arts Sketch and Paint Out
was held at the San Diego Wild Animal Park today.

We met at the Lowland Gorilla exhibit where the big giant gorillas kept moving because they consider staring a sign of aggression. They just didn't like us staring at them. When the big fella finally got used to it he stared back, growled and looked like he might be able to stare us down.

I remember the vultures looking like interesting characters the last time I was there so I left my partner, Edith to take a look at the . . . Vultures. It took forever to find them and they weren't quite what I expected.

The lagoon is where Edith settled down
and did a pretty nice finished piece on watercolor paper.

I just sketched people and the pelicans.

Whoa, the lagoon gets pretty crowded at feeding time.

Clementine was there too but we lost her.

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Anonymous said...

:-) I love your comic-strip bits -- they are so much fun! You did a great job on all of these, especially the pelicans, which you did with beautiful confident lines! This is great!